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Vinyl Banner


  • (1) Select a pattern below. You will be directed to our Design Center.
  • (2) Using the control panel (Located left of the design and below NOTES, UNDO, REDO, CLEAR), select the logo that you want to change. * You can also select the logo by simply clicking on it.
  • (3) Once you select a logo, you will notice the action panel has changed to Blue from Gray.
  • (4a) To change an image logo, click "Change clipart." You can upload your own logo, browse our clipart catalog or create a QR code.
  • (4b) To change a text, click on the text box. Delete the previous text and start writing your own message. * You will notice the changes on the design in real time.
  • (5) Repeat steps (2) thru (4) until all the logos are changed.
  • (6) Complete the order by clicking "Add to Cart" and follow the instruction.
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